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Born and bred in a family of traditional Balinese healers, in the village of Celuk Sukawati Gianyar, "Jero Gede Gaing" commonly recognized as "Jero Gaing". He is the chosen after 7 generations on his lineage. He began his healing practice with his own family, and gradually extended it to neighbors and eventually anyone who heard about him.  He utilizes his skill by connecting with the divine and using visions received to guide him intuitively. As an authentic traditional healer, He works with many Balinese, helping and assisting peoples with physical and emotional problems. On certain Balinese sacred day, in his compound many people come to consult him, bringing offerings as well as gifts.

In addition, he continually improved his knowledge by way of learning from other healers, praying in temples and other sacred places, and through spiritual discipline including Yoga and Meditation with several yoga teachers who inspired him along the way.  He has been able to help countless local people as well as people from around the world, with their physical and spiritual problems.





Jero Wiwik is a gifted Balinese woman who received her Psychic, healing abilities and knowledge naturally at very young age. Born and bred in the rural village of Bangli, in traditional shaman healer or clairvoyant family and over the time she moved and lived in Celuk Village, Sukawati, Gianyar. As traditional Balinese healer or clairvoyant, she uses her skill to connect with the divine.  Any visions received through her third eye will guide her intuitively in helping people. The visions have given her a unique insight into how to treat illnesses that affect the body, mind, and spirit.

For years she has been studying various spiritual traditions including Yoga and Meditation. She believes that the paths of both disciplines are key ingredients in moving beyond habitual patterns of ordinary consciousness and creating more meaning in our lives.  Through her Yoga, meditation, and traditional healing she would also to help people to liberate their body, mind, and soul, to encourage people to find their inner strength to live this life in love, joy, and gratitude - a peaceful and happier life.