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Royal Bali Tour is an exciting designed and packaged travel program dedicated to you. This tour program is a travel program that has a variety of activities and interesting activities in the open. Each program we pack has different elements in which each of its travel options includes an adventure tour, cultural tour, sightseeing and spiritual journey tours to make you free to choose the trip you want to enjoy an unforgettable experience on the island of Bali. Here we describe the elements contained in each of our tour program options to make it easy for you to make conclusions and decide the choice.


Adventure Tour, Offering wide selections of adventure activities in Bali such as jungle and village trekking, white water rafting, mountain cycling, elephant safari ride, horse riding, Bali sea walker, and many more, Royal Bali Wisata will be your travel assistant in exploring the beauty of Bali. We will be delighted to provide you an adventure tour by exploring every corner of beautiful Bali with multifarious of flora and fauna, seeing the friendliness of Balinese resident in the rural area, and challenging your adrenalin with sporty activities full of fun. Whatever adventures you want to do, we are ready to serve and ensure that we offer the best price than others.


Cultural  Tour, For a glimpse at the rich Balinese culture, the cultural tour is a "one of a kind" adventure. Royal Bali Wisata will show you the major attractions of Bali, as well as the unique culture and tradition that make Bali so special. Our tour will take you to witness traditional ceremonies depending on the Balinese Hindu calendar, Balinese cremations, Balinese traditional market, Balinese house and many more. We provide you with the opportunity to see the unique culture that can only be seen on this small island.


Royal Sightseeing Tour, Sightseeing tour from Royal Bali Wisata is made for those who would like to get out and see the sights during your holiday in Bali. We organized tours on a private basis to navigate your journey around Bali in a very relaxing, flexible and adjustable way. Some tours can be mixed with others, so whether you have limited days available or just do not have any idea yet where to go, let us arrange the most appropriate program for you. We will customize the sightseeing tour programs which are suitable and affordable to your holiday budget.


Spiritual Journey And Retreat , The spiritual journey tour is completely about the journey to awakening your spirituality. We will journey to beautifully sacred energy centers and holy water sources in Bali, where you can learn the tradition, as well as connect with Bali's magnificent nature. You will be taken to visit a temple with a healing waterfall, set in a beautiful garden with ponds and trees overlooking the rice fields to meet with a Balinese shaman, to join a blessing and purification ceremony, to do a yoga session with the locals, or to enjoy a meditation in one of the caves nearby. Your tour begins when you are picked up from your accommodation, depending on the direction of requirements or ritual needed. You may consult with us to get the detail information.